Other Products

Sack, Case and Pallet Trucks
We have an extensive range of high quality Sack, Case and Pallet Trucks which are designed to carry a wide variety of products. The range of models offered enables us to provide you with a solution to help you keep your stock moving.

Mobile Safety Steps
Our safety steps are ideal for narrow aisle access. They are come complete with rubber wheels or castors for maximum mobility. They come with slip resistant feet and with handrails on both sides of the steps. Made out of tubular steel they are strong, hard wearing and reliable.

Our Lockers offer a cost effective approach to Personal Storage. We offer a variety of sizes, colours and door combinations, with a choice of shelving and internal accessories. All lockers are provided with BiocoteĀ® protection that inhibits the growth of potentially lethal bacteria and fungi, which makes our lockers particularly suitable for use in hospitals and schools.

Roller Shutter Doors
We also offer a large variety of Roller Shutter Doors which are custom created to fill all types of industrial and commercial applications.

Safety Barriers
We are able to offer high quality Safety Barriers to protect pedestrians from Fork Lift Trucks and other vehicles. Our customers are especially keen on using them at the ends of racking where traffic is the heaviest and damage the most likely. All of our barriers are specially made for your requirements and should not be mistaken for the off the shelf barriers offered elsewhere.

Pigeon Hole Racking
Pigeon Hole Racking is a versatile method of storing long lengths of material that are different sizes or used in different applications. It is particularly useful storing timber where all the material is supported and leads to less distortion. It can be used in a number of other applications including in engineering where it is used to store long lengths of steel bars ready to use for production.

The Pigeon Hole Racks are a bespoke product and tailor made for your requirements.