Mezzanine Floor

One the simplest ways of creating extra space is to add an extra level. This is where Mezzanine Floors come into their forte. They are designed to be as simple to install as possible with all parts being prefabricated so they can be simply bolt together on site.

Mezzanine Floors are versatile in their uses. Many of our customers have benefited by creating additional office space, assembly areas or even simple storage areas, and the ground floor below the platform has then become free for additional uses. Customers have used the space underneath the floor to create training rooms, canteens, stockrooms and even used it to install Pigeon Hole Racking in.
If the floor is to be used for storage we are able to supply up and over pallet gates for safe access to the stock being loaded onto the floor.

Peter Samms Equipment Ltd offers a full advice and installation package including representation for building regulations that may be required.