Cantilever Racking

There are many ways of storing timber and joinery products. Cantilever Racking is the most practical system for the Timber Merchant as it comes complete with instantly detachable arms for quick adjustments and base loading.

Our specialisation in timber and joinery product storage and our experience of hundreds of installations enables us to assess your situation to produce a storage solution that compliments Product, Space, Handling, Presentation, Resources.

Cantilever racking is very flexible in its design and can be accommodated in a number of different locations. A single sided rack can be located against a wall to allow the maximum use of space, where more room is available a double sided rack can increase the amount of storage available. If it is required, a canopy can be added to the racking to protect the stock. At the top of the range are the rack clad buildings that utilises the steel columns in the racking system to create a purpose made building.