Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is the most popular and widely used of all heavy duty industrial storage systems. It is designed to meet the widest possible range of storage needs as well as being a simple, efficient and cost effective. It is ideal for combined storage, order picking areas and provides 100% accessibility and goods selectivity. With beams that lock into the frames to give a strong, rigid and completely safe structure that can easily be adapted to your changing requirements.

Our well trained designers are able to produce the system that is the most cost effective and will suit your requirements. The height and design of the Pallet Racking is only limited by the building it is to be installed in or your handling equipment.

We are able to obtain many makes of racking to expand your existing racking or to install a complete new installation.

All installations are to SEMA standards and Peter Samms Equipment Ltd is one of a limited number of registered SAIC (SEMA Approved Installers Company) companies.